A joint venture partnership in
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Global Tech Hub is an origin international centre for technology development, transfer and investment with offices in Russia, UK, UAE and KSA. GTH actively implements projects in the technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, digital education and venture capital investment sectors, localising their business models in conjunction with local partners and consumers.
The main purpose of GTH KSA - to increase business activities between two great countries: Russia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, using the strengths of each participant and developing the best technologies in a fast-growing market.
We specialized on soursing of the best technologies in Russia to provide and localize it on KSA market, creating of JV between Russian and KSA strategic players.
Business Flow Structure
GTH KSA and Associate Partners represent a new generation ecosystem. This is an Ecosystem with a synergetic business model, based on technology, business development and skills development opportunities. We strive for creating a flexible and loyal communication system with our clients, companies and products in the B2B infrastructure.
Each of the parties receives benefits: international partners gain an increase in the coverage of international territories and export of technology, which also includes licencing fees, and simultaneously KSA-based partners obtain an increase in economic activity through the creation of new enterprises and raising capital. Thus, GTH provides its infrastructure for fast-growing companies with innovative and technological products to develop new markets and conclude new partnerships through:
Focusing on proven and mature industrial technologies from CIS and Europe;
Implementing established business models from companies from Russia;
Using sustainable distribution channels and production resource chains of MENA region companies;
Assist in the development of the economic potential of intercountry cooperation.