A lot of companies face similar problems, associated with long deal cycle, high cost of attracting new clients and low sales growth rate. GTH provides a complex range of services for market segment study, analysis of the cooperation prospects, search and selection of potential clients and partners all around the world as well as government relations support and expertise.
Product line is:
Organization and preparation of online and offline business missions* and business meetings;
Search for strategic partners and distributors for business development abroad;
Holding and organizing market research and testing product demand;
Development of market strategies.
Business missions
Business mission is a highly effective solution for business development aimed at entering new markets. GTH Team offers corporations, technology companies and startups opportunities to get acquainted with developing markets of any country in the world.

Our expertise in working with foreign markets will help you find new points of growth for your business.
Business missions can be hold both online in the form of dedicated meetings with potential partners in the pre-selected regions, and offline in the format of official business trips, organized for the client representatives.

Key destinations for both online and offline meetings are: GCC countries, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, India, North Africa and Morocco.
Main advantages of our approach:

Business mission is organized solely for your company, meetings are organized and adopted to the client’s needs;

Connection with business partners: direct and open dialogue on relevant topics with the entrepreneurs from the real sector;

Experience exchange and full access to the owners of most advanced technology solutions. We will lead you to the partnerships with the key players of your market segment in the region, who shape the development of the segment;

As a result of the mission, a client will get a full understanding of the nuances of doing business in the region and opportunities for organizing partnerships with local stakeholders.

Every company, who participates in our business missions, in the end, concludes a contract.

Who needs this service?
Russian manufacturing companies, intending to enter international markets;
Large corporations aiming at reducing their dependence on the volatility on the Russian market;
High-tech companies considering the possibility of attracting investment and expanding the range of business partnerships outside Russia.
To get acquainted with the most attractive free zones in the regions and obtain recommendations for the start of a new business;
To participate in effective networking via online tours or visits to the leading corporations in your market segment;
To obtain expert advice on legal, tax, export and migration questions, related to doing business in the region;
To open up a company and select a pool of partners for the quick start;
To participate in online and offline meetings with potential partners, investors, clients and distributors from your market segment;
To test hypotheses on a demand for your product and its relevance of entering a particular market.
What is included into the cost of an online business mission?
  • Negotiations with the counterparties and partners upon client’s requests;
  • Individually prepared materials for the business meetings;
  • Selection of the most convenient software for video conferencing (Zoom, Skype, Cisco, etc.).
What is included into the cost of an offline business mission?
  • Individual search and selection of counterparties for the meetings and events;
  • Meetings with legal and tax experts;
  • Customized preparation of the events as a part of the business program;
  • Business lunch or dinner with partners every day.
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