We partner with international technology companies that enable corporations to maximize profits and reduce costs in the long run. Our clients provide automation of enterprise processes, integrate accounting systems and help with the use public services for customized requests.
Product line:
Development of customized IT solutions based on advanced technologies;
Selection of long-term partners for IT solutions supply;
AI Lab*.

AI Lab is a “one-stop shop” solution for advanced technology deployment into the client’s business processes with a maximum efficiency. We use a well-established database of ready-made and certified solutions from vendors around the world. Innovations as a part one-stop-shop service is a correct deployment of artificial intelligence systems for business.

It is common that internal development of digital innovations and new products cannot keep up with the speed of global changes and requires large research and development costs.

The advantages of the GTH approach:
We provide access to the flow of AI & ML technologies around the world in the format of “one-stop shop” service;
We connect best European and Russian technologies with corporate clients and investors;
We launch new products, systems and services within the corporation in an average of 3-12 months.
Product line:
AI solutions consulting (selection of technologies on the market for client´s needs, including competitions and selections in the field of AI, for 1.5-2 months)
AI solutions distribution (‘seamless’ integration of technology into the company business based on existing technological solutions)
Upon request R&D and AI projects piloting (a possibility of organizing pilots in the AI Lab, an affordable way to try technology compatibility to the existing business process)
Trainings in working with AI products (expertise exchange and rapid staff immersion into the specifics of the work with innovative technologies, startups and products: design and preparation of training programs, support in developing internal competencies in AI management, averagely for 1-2 months).
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